Our Mission Statement

Whereas Federal and state legislatures have passed unconscionable and unconstitutional laws -- which they enforce brutally and inhumanly -- prohibiting production, sale, or possession of certain God-given herbs; and

Whereas over a million people are in prison in the United States for having "violated" these evil laws; and

Whereas federal and state elected officials, employees, and their bootlickers have promoted, and continue to promote, outright lies about these herbs;

We, the members of South Dakota NORML (affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) find it obligatory to:

1. Educate the public, to the best of our ability, in the truth about mood-altering and mind-altering substances in general; and

2. Educate the public, to the best of our ability, of the fact that the hemp plant has over 60,000 commercial, industrial, and medical uses, most of which are being filled less efficiently and more environmentally harmfully by other products; and

3. Lobby lawmaking bodies to change the laws concerning production, possession, and sale of these substances to more closely align with generally-accepted standards of human decency and justice.

"Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. It would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious for the DEA to continue to stand between those sufferers and the benefits of this substance in light of the evidence in this record."

-- Francis L. Young, DEA's own Administrative Law Judge, 1988 (Marijuana: Not Guilty As Charged by David R. Ford, 1997, pp. 38-39.)

Know someone who needs medical cannabis?
Need to talk to folks with a need for medical cannabis. Research for legislative testimony.

Call Bob Newland 605-255-4032

In the 2001 South Dakota Legislative Session, we introduced a bill to allow people to legally alleviate the discomfort, pain, nausea or other disagreeable symptoms of various maladies, with cannabis.

Your response helped us gather information which will help end the barbaric practice of denying sick and dying people relief from their suffering. Your response to the ads was great. About 50 people called and said they would testify to legislative committees in January and February. We chose three, who testified as to how cannabis helps them with their medical conditions. The legislature ignored their pleas, saying they would have to suffer because some people might just want to get high and giggle.

We still need your help. In July, 2001, we'll start circulating a petition which will bypass the stupid and malicious legislators. You're invited to help us circulate the petition (ask people to sign it). If you'd like to do that, please email us, or call Bob Newland at 605-745-3613. After the petition qualifies for the ballot, we'll need people who are willing to go on TV to talk about their conditions and the fact that cannabis alleviates their misery. Are you brave enough to go out front?

All inquiries shall remain confidential until and unless you agree to go public. However, even if you NEVER want to go public, your input is needed. Please take part in this project if you can.

Message to law enforcement:

We know it's your job to enforce the laws enacted by politicians, prosecuted by prosecutors, and upheld by judges. We hold them accountable also. But they're not the ones kicking in our doors, terrorizing -- and all too often killing -- us and our families, and pillaging our possessions. They're not the ones who have to face the growing possibility, even in Rapid City, South Dakota, of being shot by some poor bastard who just can't accept that the cops would bust into HIS house at 2 a.m.

With the evidence available at thousands and thousands of sites (see below) on the Internet that what you are doing when you continue to persecute cannabis users is not only morally wrong, but criminally wrong..., well, we just gotta figure you're doing what you're doing because you like doing it. When you folks behind the badges tell the politicians you don't like busting pot smokers, particularly medical users, they'll listen. Until then, you're THE ENEMY to us. You give us no choice.

Here are just two of the thousands and thousands of sites you'll find when you go to any search engine and inquire "drugs", "hemp", "marijuana", "cannabis", and many other terms in common usage in the so-called "war on drugs".

Drug Reform Coordination Network
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